Ridge Chiropractic is a mission-driven chiropractic clinic, practicing a gentle, precise, and highly effective kind of spinal care called Orthospinology along with other protocols that are specific to each patient.

Orthospinology is an upper cervical specific procedure based on the Grostic technique, which has been highly effective for over 60 years. Dr. Grostic’s grandfather, John F. Grostic, developed the Grostic technique in 1942 that was later modified into the development of the Orthospinology, NUCCA, and Atlas Orthogonal procedures.

Dr. Grostic utilizes the Grostic/Orthospinology Procedure, which is a low force, non-rotary upper cervical (neck) technique. If adjustments to the lower spine are required, Dr. Grostic will utilize a low force, non-rotary drop table, hand held instrument or flexion-distraction adjustment technique.

Many patients travel around the world and internationally for this specialized form of care. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care helps many conditions that have not been able to get results with medical treatment or general chiropractic manipulation. Learn more by visiting our FAQs page.

While we’re very focused on the results that we provide, we are also caring people who pay attention to each patient’s individual needs.